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DSU's Master of Science in Computer Science program blends systems and computability theory with pragmatic applications of the field, like cyber security. Graduate degree programs in the Department of Computer Science provide students the opportunity to study different subject areas of computing science. For those students contemplating advanced studies in computer science at UBC, completing a master's degree before continuing to the PhD program confers.

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Mastering Complexity. Florida Poly offers a broadly based and customizable Masters of Science in Computer Science program that provides students with an. The Computer and Information Science master's degree program is designed to prepare students for professional practice, as well as further studies and. Master's degrees in Computer Science & IT · Management - Information Systems · Cloud Computing · Game and Media Technology · Robotics Software Engineer · Cyber.

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The MSc Computer Science provides an intensive programme of study without any prior knowledge in computer science. As well as gaining a broad knowledge of. The Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree is a joint program offered by the School of Computer Science (SCS) at Carleton University and the School of. The M.S. program in the Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) department has three tracks a student may choose to pursue: Each track has a separate set of.