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TAG Mobile Lifeline Assistance Program is a government assisted free cell phone service that provides discounted cell phone services to eligible low income. Lifeline is the Federal Communication Commission's program to help make communications services more affordable for eligible consumers. Lifeline. Free Cell. Phones. One Lifeline Phone. Per Household. Only one Lifeline phone is Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP).

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Lifeline is available to eligible, low-income consumers in every state, commonwealth, territory, and on Tribal lands. You can get Lifeline if your income is Access Wireless serves the community by providing mobile phone service to income-eligible residents as part of the government-funded Lifeline Assistance. Most telecommunication companies will provide low income families assistance so that the household will have some form of access to a device. This can include a.

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California LifeLine offers low-cost and free monthly telephone services to eligible, low-income California residents. Participants can qualify for the program. Free Cell Phone Service through the government Lifeline and ACP benefit programs. See if you qualify for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data†. To obtain ReachOut Wireless™ Lifeline service, potential subscribers must meet certain eligibility requirements such as receiving governmental assistance or a.