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A big portion of any transmission replacement or rebuild is the labor cost. It's at least six hours to remove and install a transmission, often twice that. How. diesel engine. Typically, a transmission change will cost between $1, and $3, for brand new parts, but not including labor costs (which ranges between $ A: A transmission flush can vary in price based on the vehicle's transmission, the type of fluid it requires, and amount of oil required. Transmission flush.

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Transmission problems are expensive. The average cost to replace transmission can cost around $2,, but ranges from $1, to $3, Repairs are a bit less. Generally speaking, the average transmission cost is between $1, and $3, for a brand-new unit. That's before factoring in the cost of labor (usually. The transmission cost varies from vehicle to vehicle, but typically, a transmission replacement ranges between $1, and $3, for brand-new parts.

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How much does it cost? Average cost for a Transmission Fluid Change is around $ – $ While a transmission flush would be around $ – $ Cost. Automatic transmission replacement can vary from place to place. You may be able to locate a shop that will do the job for under £1, While a rebuilt transmission can cost you anywhere between $1, – $2, As for a remanufactured transmission, it can cost anywhere between.