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Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk when you don't mean to? YES; NO. Have you missed days of. Read about the difference between heavy drinking and alcoholism here as well If you're concerned about your own drinking or a loved one's alcohol abuse. Did you know that almost 20% of alcoholics are considered high functioning? Identifying if you, or someone you love, have functioning alcoholism can be.

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Offers interactive tool to help you find out if you may have an alcohol problem. Calculates how many signs of a drinking problem you have. Suggests if you. How many standard drinks containing alcohol do you have on a typical day when drinking? 1 or 2. 3 or 4. 5 or 6. 7 to 9. They cannot tell whether a person has been drinking heavily for a long time. If a blood test reveals that the red blood cells have increased in size, it could.

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Warning signs of alcohol use disorder · being unable to control how much you drink · being unable to control when you drink · feeling compelled or having. Is there a problem? · how much a person drinks · how often a person drinks · if a person can't stick to limits (says he or she will only have 2 drinks and then. Repeatedly neglecting your responsibilities at home, work, or school because of your drinking. For example, performing poorly at work, flunking classes.